Revivified Beauty is a innovative Aesthetic and Beauty Salon providing various holistic and aesthetic treatments for the public.


We strive to uplift and improve your daily life quality and provide result-driven treatment options. We make time for each client to assist according to their needs and conditions to ensure results are provided whether it is with a facial treatment or relaxing treatment.


We also provide training workshops to improve industry professionals in their skills with BS Spange Bracing SA technique for ingrown or deformed toe nails, Spray tan, Threading, Skincare aesthetics, Make-up techniques as well as various popular massage techniques that are done from all over the world.

Whether you are a end-consumer or a industry professional, we will be able to revamp your lifestyle and skills. Our passion is to constantly innovate and upgrade our existing treatments and workshops to provide only the best for our clients.

Our Treatments

•  Massage
•  Waxing
•  Tinting & Microblading
•  Threading

•  Make-Up
•  Eyelash Extensions
•  Mild Treatments
•  Facial Treatments

•  Add on Treatments
•  Hands & Feet
•  Nails
•  Body Treatments

•  Body & Skin Advanced
•  Treatments
•  Lipogon,
•  Body Contoure,
•  Cellulite

“Only the best for our clients!”

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